Overbite is a condition that is characterized by teeth in the front of the mouth overlapping the bottom or lower teeth by an excessive amount, or more than they are supposed to. Overbite is actually a really common tooth condition that is seen often in family dentistry. Fortunately for people who have this problem with their teeth, this is a tooth condition that is relatively easy for your dentist to correct.

The problem associated with overbite often can be traced back to how big or small the jaws are, as well as poor care of the teeth while the patient is still a child. Often, prolonged use of a pacifier or a feeding bottle may also have an impact on whether or not the upper teeth end up being pushed out over the tops of the lower teeth . Very often, unless the overbite is especially deep, most people will choose to simply live with their overbite. If the overbite is especially deep, on the other hand, surgery or corrective braces may be required. More people than ever are electing to have the condition corrected as a result of the increased use of Invisalign and other types of clear braces, which make having braces less unattractive and less harsh on self esteem.

The overbite dental condition typically results in an unordinary appearance of the teeth and an improper functioning of the teeth. Overbite may also result in other things, including an excessive wearing of the teeth on the bottom row of the mouth. Because the lower teeth in the mouth are undercutting the upper teeth, damage may also be caused to the palate and the upper gums as well. This is capable of leading to numerous periodontal problems, including problems relating to the supporting structures keeping the teeth in place. A deep problem with overbite is also capable of making the face appear less attractive as well.

The overbite condition is one that can be corrected at any age, although this type of treatment is most common for children falling into the 10 years to 14 years age. During this period of time, treatment tends to be easier because the jaw will be much easier to manipulate now than when the patient becomes an adult. The situation is typically evaluated using a special dental X-ray capable of determining how the teeth are aligned, identifying wear on the teeth and also determining whether or not a speech impediment has made itself present. Should the condition appear to the dentist to be severe, or should you be personally concerned with your smile or your overall appearance, then it may be recommended that you visit a specialist such as an orthodontist .

Based on the actual degree of your overbite, it may be recommended that you undergo surgery , straightening or braces to correct the problem in different ways. The treatment to rectify an issue with overbite can take as long as two and a half years if braces are the recommended treatment option.