Burning Mouth

The Burning Mouth Syndrome is an oral health condition that is typified by the extreme sensation that is causes in the tongue and the lips of the person. In most cases, the symptoms are so intense that the person begins to feel that the mouth is on fire, especially the tongue. This condition can also be quite painful.

Alternative names for Burning Mouth Syndrome include glossodynia and stomatodynia . One of the reasons why this condition is considered quite unique is because it does not have any telltale symptoms because of which it becomes difficult for oral and dental care practitioners to diagnose it.

Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome

The following are some of the symptoms experienced by a person who has a burning mouth condition.

  • There will be a burning, almost painful, sensation mainly experienced in the tongue, the lips, the gums, the palate and the inside areas of the cheeks.
  • The tip of the tongue will specially become devoid of sensation.
  • There is a constant feeling that the mouth is parched, which leads to an increase in the sensation of thirst.
  • There may be complaints of bad breath .
  • The painfulness of the condition usually increases as time wears on.
  • The mouth may feel sore.
  • Changes in taste will occur. Some people complain about entirely losing their sensation of taste while others feel a specific metallic tang to everything that they consume.

Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome

It is not very clear why the condition of burning mouth occurs in some people. However, people who occasionally keep their mouth dry, such as those who abstain from drinking water for long periods of time may develop this condition over time.

Low thyroid secretion is also understood to be a cause for Burning Mouth Syndrome. In some people, this condition is brought on by fungal, especially yeast, infections. Other hormonal imbalances are also known to bring about this condition in them.

In some people, quite interestingly and mysteriously, it has been observed that Burning Mouth Syndrome is caused due to some internal mental problems. People who are occasionally stressed out or those who are under depression for long periods of time are prone to have this condition.

While improper dental care can bring on a lot of oral problems , excessive dental care can also cause certain problems. Burning Mouth Syndrome is an example of this. If a person brushes the teeth too often and uses the tongue cleaner quite frequently, then it is possible that the tongue will become increasingly sensitive.

People who are constantly on medications are also considered vulnerable for developing the Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Treatment of Burning Mouth Syndrome

The treatment of this syndrome is dependent on the cause of the condition. That is the reason why a uniform pattern of treatment does not work for some people. Antibiotics are usually prescribed on a per case basis.

For some people, eating fresh foods and avoiding spicy foods and smoking works at controlling the condition. In a similar manner, meditation and removing stress is also considered to be a treatment mode for this condition.